Aerospace and Defence

Pure PLM's aerospace and defence consultants have over 20 years' collective experience working with suppliers in Australia and the major national and international OEMs. They have implemented a variety of software solutions, and also developed business processes that optimise the way organisations work with existing systems.

We help you meet contractual and regulatory obligations

Each aerospace and defence program has different requirements, but failing to meet them is always costly due to fines or cancellation of certifications. If your business needs to meet contracted deliverables, IP and export-control restrictions (including ITAR), and comply with regulatory standards (such as the TAMM), you need a solid set of systems and processes. By working with Pure PLM, you can implement Product Lifecycle Management solutions that mitigate the risk of late submission and non-compliance - for every program.

We help you manage configurations and changes

Among the most onerous obligations is the management of product and document configurations, and the changes to them throughout a program's history. Pure PLM can assist, by mapping configuration management methodologies (such as CMII) that match your contractual deliverables to your systems and business processes. We take a holistic approach to your program, addressing contracts management and deliverables, requirements management and development, systems engineering, change management, product and document baselines, integrated logistics and support (ILS), and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).

We understand long-term programs

At Pure PLM, we know that aerospace and defence programs generally have longer terms than most product design and development programs, especially if there is a through-life support element. Data needs to be managed and processed for long periods, in a way that makes it fully auditable, retrievable and reportable, with speed and high fidelity. We factor all of this into our solutions, which also take into account that many lessons learned from one program need to be carried over into the next your A team won't always be available for the next program.