Engineering and Manufacturing

Pure PLM's consultants have extensive experience working with Tier 1 suppliers in Australia and major national and international manufacturing and engineering OEMs. They have implemented computer-aided design, factory simulation, process planning and structural simulation systems, in conjunction with the development of business processes that optimise the way organisations work.

We help you thrive in a dynamic environment

Weak economies, globally outsourced development and production, and increasingly complex product designs have created a difficult environment for the manufacturing and engineering industries. While no single solution can guarantee success in this scenario, Product Lifecycle Management, or PLM, can play an important role in maintaining - and even extending - your organisation's competitiveness. Pure PLM can help you maximise the benefit from your existing PLM processes and systems, as well as implement new solutions.

We help you reduce time to market

Rapid technological evolution requires ever-faster product development and delivery before competitors respond, or customer needs change. By partnering with Pure PLM, your business can keep pace. Using PLM methodologies, you can deliver products to market faster by:

  • automating and controlling engineering processes
  • drastically reducing rework by providing your engineers with an accurate, up-to-date repository of product data
  • rapidly disseminating requirements changes throughout your organisation.

We help you improve product quality

The perception of quality is critical in the global marketplace. PLM provides multiple avenues to enhance your reputation by maintaining and improving the quality of your output. Engineering process control can guarantee that your product designs have passed reviews, and that suppliers meet certified standards. Integrated sourcing, manufacturing and service department data allows supply-chain information to be propagated forwards throughout your organisation, while feedback from in-the-field product usage can be propagated backwards. Pure PLM can help you make best use of new or existing PLM implementations to drive quality throughout a product's lifecycle.

We help you manage globally

In today's global manufacturing environment, a product's supply chain, development and manufacturing can be dispersed throughout the world. Pure PLM can assist you in implementing PLM processes that track supply chain quality and responsiveness, manage collaboration in distributed teams, and control data access - giving you the confidence to outsource and offshore, and delivering the resulting benefits of lower costs and greater flexibility.